Monday, August 9, 2010


I tempted these stairs yesterday and they kicked my butt!!! My heart rate was skyrocketing and sweat drenched my body. This is a great place to see some amazing homes, views of the beach, as well as some intense fitness gurus…trust me you will be motivated!!

You can choose between the concrete or the wood or make a circle comprising both!! The wooden set is a little more giving on the legs!

For an all over sweat sess, go down the stairs attempt some pull ups at the “pull up bar” (really a bar off an electrical pole but works perfect) or some triceps dips on the curb, then go up the stairs and complete a set of pushups. With each set of stair climb change you steps: side step, skipping every other step, going up backwards, and of course the single step forward climb.

I did 10 sets today and was toast….legs shaky and all! Try to go throughout the summer and up your sets each time!

Hope you see you there!

Remember use your outdoor gym!


4th Street & Adelaide Drive

Santa Monica, CA 90402

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