Thursday, August 12, 2010

FoCuS. StReNgTh. DeToXiFy.

We are all aware of the benefits of yoga...that long slender figure right? Well yoga is more than just a way to elongate and lengthen those muscles; it is a great way to find an inner connection with every part of your body! The better connection you have with your body, the better you are able to take care of that body and ultimately lead a long healthy happy life.

Today I took a Hot Yoga class in the Santa Clarita Valley. I absolutely love this type of exercise.

The heated room allows your muscles to stretch to their maximum capacity without injury.

Hot Yoga is also a favorite of mine because the heated room actually helps me focus and center within myself; no more worries about the rest of my schedule, how I am going to complete a project, or any family/friend stresses; I could literally feel my heart beat, feel the blood pumping thru my veins to support my taxed muscles and frame, and sense the oxygen flowing thru my lungs filling my body with energy. The body is an amazing machine that is sometimes overlooked....have you checked in with yours today?

Another great benefit of hot yoga is the natural detoxification process your body endures while trying to cool itself. This is similar to the effects of a sauna but not nearly as drastic (because the room is much cooler); the slow constant sweating rids your body of toxins and other foreign elements.

Give it a try! Take it easy and be sure to bring plenty of water for throughout the class, along with your yoga mat and towel. After completing the class I recommend a serving of coconut water to replenish all the lost electrolytes.

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