Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Watching your sodium intake? Have you checked your chicken breast?

As Americans we consume close to 90 pounds of chicken per year!  With the trend of healthier nutrition, chicken breast consumption has been on the rise.  To keep up with these consistently increasing demands producers have begun to "enhance" their poultry.  I'm sure you have seen this on labels for fresh chicken as well as in the nutrition facts.  What does this really mean?

Well, enhanced chicken is actually injected with salt, water, and "other additives." Why? We buy chicken by weight; so pretty much what you are paying for is extra salty water that will just leave you a bit more bloated after consumption :(.  And who knows what other elements are in the "other additives" description, I guarantee they probably aren't that good for you.

This salty injected breast is about 440mg of sodium for just 4 oz, about 1/5th your daily sodium dose!  Lovely.

So stop eating chicken breast?  No, thank goodness there are some good producers out there that don't stuff their chicken, and they are worth the price difference!  Start checking the nutrition labels.  The non-injected chicken should weigh in at about 70mg of sodium per serving.

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