Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Progress of those New Year Resolutions fading???

Every January people around the world make the yearly resolutions.  For many people the new year is a fresh start for to create a new and improved self image.  To read more, to lose ten pounds, to eat organic, to go for a walk every day, to begin meditation, to get more sleep, to spend more time with the family, to eat less fast food, to be more organized, to be less stressed, to spend less money.....sound familiar?

All these high expectations can become quite cumbersome.  And sadly often times most individuals jump off the new years resolution train within the first month.

But as human beings we strive for perfection and of course we all feel great once we accomplish a goal or complete a deadline.  So why not make this year the year to make those goals a reality???

The trick to successfully completing goals is to break them down into more manageable mini goals.  So this year instead of one huge goal or many huge goals spread them out over the year to be completed each month. 

Here's an example and one of the most common new years resolutions:  to be healthier this year.   This is a huge huge goal that is crying desperately to be broken down! :)

  • January: limit soda (including diet) to one per week
  • February: purchase a gym membership
  • March: eliminate fast food from diet
  • April: take one gym class per week
  • May: add two servings of veggies per day to diet
  • June: meet with a personal trainer for advice and form corrections
  • July: drink 10 8oz glasses/bottles of water per day
  • August: speed walk hills one hour once a week
  • September: remove processed or refined carbs from diet
  • October: take at least 2 yoga or pilates classes each month
  • November: add two servings of fresh whole fruit each day to diet
  • December: weight train three times per week
Now that was just one example.  Create a map of realistic goals that cater to your needs and your main goal of 2011.  Write these down and stick with them.  Be sure to carry each goal to the following month!!

Good luck.  Stay healthy.

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