Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Power of Positive

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty”- Winston Churchill

Have you ever noticed that people who are successful are often very happy and positive? This isn’t just a coincidence.

Your personal self-talk contributes directly to your growth, success, and achievements. You are your own radio tower; emitting negative thinking and negative self talk will bring you just that.

With the fall of today’s economy it is even more important for our personal success to own this way of thinking.

Start training your subconscious in a positive light by first taking control of your conscious thoughts. Try these tools:
  1. Make a goal board. Visual images are powerful and become even stronger when they are seen every day; especially those rough days. Make a collage, take pictures, draw, find quotes and place them on a poster board….I know we are all busy but taking the time to do this will lead you to those ultimate goals even sooner.
  2. Surround yourself with positive people. Ever notice how negativity can be contagious?
  3. End your day by writing down at least one good thing that happened. Use your Facebook or Twitter as your forum… spread the positive energy.
  4. Develop a plan of action, “safety net”, for those more difficult days. How are you going to get yourself out of that mind set? a friend, look a fun pictures from the past, use your goal board (keeping the big picture in mind), reading a favorite quote or part of an uplifting book. We also face fallbacks; the ones that get up the fastest are those with a plan of action.
  5. Fill your home, office, car, and bedroom with positive light. Keeping the areas you spend most of your time positive will remind you to keep your positive attitude during illness, injury, arguments…basically when you face anything challenging you have a place of refuge. Use your favorite fabrics, colors, photos, memories to decorate these areas….it should be hard not to smile when you come to your place of refuge.
  6. Read positive books to increase the positive learning transformation….”The Secret”- Rhonda Byrne, “The Power of Positive Thinking”-Norman Peale, “The Power of Self Coaching”-Joseph Luciani, “You Can if You Think You Can”- Norman Peale, “Unlimited Power”-Tony Robbins

Started your positive successful life this evening! Don’t wait any longer! Put the extra training time into the tools now for the next few months and watch your life and happiness change drastically.

Live life well…you only get one!

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