Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Peanut Butter: natural vs originial

The peanut butter question used to be restricted to Jiff or Skippy??  Yet now with a rise in health and nutrition the shelves are literally littered with varieties of these original childhood staples.

What to look for when on the peanut butter hunt:
  1. no added sugar (found as the second ingredient in our original Jiff and Skippys)
  2. no added salt (we all don't need that extra bloating)
  3. no added oils (the natural peanut oils are enough fat on their own)
  4. no added preservatives (refrigeration should be the only preservation method; the body never needs unnecessary chemicals)
My cheap recommendations: Trader Joe's Crunchy No Salt Added and Walmart's Adam's 100% All Natural Creamy; both are under $3!  Remember health doesn't have to be expensive.

Some great on the go snack ideas:
  • Whole wheat toast with all natural peanut butter and no sugar added apple butter (quick breakfast)
  • Apple with peanut butter (afternoon snack)
  • Whole wheat tortilla wrapped around a banana and peanut butter (perfect post workout snack)
  • Many of my other snack ideas ;)

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