Wednesday, December 29, 2010's cold out there!!!

Winter weather got you hibernating indoors???  Believe me, I completely understand the affects of the cold weather on my outdoor fitness activities....I am not a fan of being chilly.

But here's a fact that can help motivate you to put on that beanie and face the bitter chill: working out in the cold actually BURNS MORE CALORIES!!!  Yep, yep :)....when your body is cold it actually has to work harder to keep it functioning at an optimum internal temperature....which equals a higher metabolism just to keep you warm :).  So that normal summer speed walk/jog/hike/biking adventure actually burns more during the winter time since your body is working extra hard just to get warm!!
Make sure to bundle up...I recommend layers (jackets that can be tied around your waist) because you will heat up.  Plus getting outside the gym and house actually has positive psychological affects (freedom, fresh air, tranquility, and natural beauty). 

Now be careful with the rains...I recommend staying indoors for this type of weather.  No one wants to risk getting stuck in the mud on a hike or slipping and spraining or straining something on a pavement walk!  No fun!!  However I do recommend snow hikes (snow shoeing) with the proper gear of course :).

This outdoor adventure is great for man's best friend that's probably been sleeping all winter.  And also great for the kids to get away from the TV and video games...burning some energy and having some fun quality family time.

Have fun.  Be creative.  And stay healthy in any sort of weather. =)

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