Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Candy candy candy....Halloween is in 5 days!

With Halloween right around the corner we need some healthy diet reminders; it is so easy to get caught up with all the festivities!  And this holiday is our first test.  Soon we will be faced with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years....the most frustrating times to keep on the diet train!

Things to watch out for:

Halloween Parties-
Be sure to eat a well balanced high protein and high fiber meal before arriving to keep you full and satisfied and away from the chips and dip, cupcakes, candy, and other high calorie low nutrition snacks!  Allow yourself one to two treats then STEP AWAY FROM THE SNACK AREA!!!  As far as drinking, try to keep it to some blood red wine (high in antioxidants and low in added crappy sugars) or a vodka/rum/gin/whiskey on the rocks with a splash of diet soda, lime, or fresh juice....steer clear of the fun mixed mystery punch; loaded in sugar, calories, and various types of alcohol...usually leaving you with a terrible hangover the next day.  Be smart and have fun!

Hey parents go out with your kids!!  This activity is great to get the heart rate up and the legs moving.  But remember this is an added bonus exercise....not a reason why you can ravage through your kid's candy....listen to them "No Mom/Dad that's mine!!"...and thank them for the reminder.  Yes it is Halloween and in life we deserve little treats.  So once home, pick 2-3 SNACK SIZE pieces to sit and savor. 

Good luck!! Happy Halloween!

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