Thursday, September 30, 2010

Watch the Nutrition Halo Effect!

What is this??? It is the feeling we get of making a good food choice. But watch yourself, companies use this as a marketing ploy. The “low-fat” or “fat-free” labels on yummy snack foods, make us think we are making the right decision; but often times these snacks can be higher in sodium, sugar in calories. My advice go for the higher fat (sticking with mono and poly unsaturated fats) and lower sodium, calories, and if you can SUGAR!!

Also watch labels like “organic”, sometimes these treats contain more sugar than the standard versions and more calories.

Be sure to focus on food labels and ingredients instead of the colorful box with exciting claims! Be smart, companies are out there to make money and have hired marketing teams to trick you into buying something that may not be all that great for you. So when you pick up something off the shelf really read into that food label, ignore all the bright distracting colors and sayings.

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