Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Short on time?? Interval training is the answer!

Interval training (circuit training) is a great way to accomplish cardio and weight training at the same time. Interval training requires burst of high intensity activity (increasing the heart rate) with short recovery periods (heart rate never comes to a full resting rate).

This type of exercise can burn much more fat and calories than a leisure workout twice as long.

Try vertical loading:
  1. 1 set total body weights (such as stepping lunge into a shoulder press)
  2. 10 jumping jacks
  3. 1 set chest (chest press on yoga ball)
  4. 10 jumping jacks
  5. 1 set back (lie supine, stomach on, yoga ball complete back row)
  6. 10 jumping jacks
  7. 1 set shoulders (seated yoga ball shoulder press)
  8. 10 jumping jacks
  9. 1 set Biceps (seated yoga ball on bicep curls)
  10. 10 jumping jacks
  11. 1 set triceps (lie prone, back on, yoga ball complete tricep overhead extensions)
  12. 10 jumping jacks
  13. 1 set legs (squat with yoga ball between back and wall)
  14. 10 jumping jacks
  15. Rest for 2 minutes and repeat 2-3 times
**Be sure to have adequate amount of floor space, yoga ball and a set of hand weights within your reach before you begin this workout to not waste any time.

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