Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Wheatgrass...we have all seen it at Jamba Juice, Juice It Up, Robecks, and many of our other favorite juice bars.  Grass?  Really?  It truly doesn't taste all that it worth the cost? strange flavor?

Wheatgrass also known as "cereal grass" was discovered by argicultural chemist, Charles Schnabel in Kansas in 1925.  Charles discovered the amazing nutritional benefits stored in this strange form:
  • Colon Detox- the chlorophyll in wheatgrass aids in the breakdown on impacted matter.  Having a clean colon also lowers the risk of colon cancer.
  • Metal Detox-the natural occurring minerals in wheatgrass aid in the detoxifcation process of lead, mercury, and aluminum.
  • Blood Flow- the chlorophyll in wheatgrass mimicks the molecular structure of the body's hemoglobin.  Hemoglobin aids in the transport of oxygen, as does the chlorophyll.
  • Immune Support- the high content of vitamins A, B, and E increases the bodies ability to fight infection.
  • Amino Acid Supplementation- wheatgrass contains 4 non-essential (made by the body) and 8 essential amino acids (the body needs to obtain from food sources).  Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins.
  • Increased energy- wheatgrass is high in B-12, a supplement many vegetarians utilize to subsitute the natural energy from animal proteins.
Best way to get wheatgrass?  Not too worry you don't have to buy a juicer or make a trip to your local juice store everyday (if you do decide you want the juice verision make sure to ingest right after juicing, it loses its potency upon sitting out).  The most convient way to get your wheatgrass is thru tablets (my fav no strange flavor) or powder form.  Find a brand that contains a pure form of wheatgrass and preferably no preservatives.  For health and energy maintence you want 3.5 grams of wheat grass per day.

A supplement everyone should begin to include!

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