Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nutritionally Dense?

We've all had that time where we have sat in front of the TV with a bag of chips mindlessly munching until the thing was gone when we only meant to eat a few.  We are left feeling bloated and full but yet still hungry.  Still hungry having just ate almost 700 calories??  Why??

Our bodies needs various vitamins and minerals to operate efficiently.  Even if we consume well beyond our calorie requirement the body will signal hunger until it gets those vital nutrients.

Looking back at the bag of chips example; most of us have to consciously say "No More, Step away from the chips!"  Chips and most salty snacks provide the body with barely any nutrition; so the body still in search of that nutrition boost signals the brain to keep on munching.  Try the same thing with bananas.  A medium banana is around 110 calories.  Try eating 6 of those (similar to the calorie consumption of the chips).  Not happening right?  But why aren't all calories equal??  I can easily eat 700 calories of chips why not 660 calories of a banana.

The banana is nutritionally dense!  The body gets many vitamins and minerals from this quick snack.  The body is satisfied when it gets what it needs!

Watching your waist line?  Sick of starving yourself on diet after diet, yo-yoing back in forth??  Stick with a variety of tasty nutrient dense foods (more bang for your calorie count) and  you will satisfy mouth and tummy!  Look to those foods straight from the earth for the purest-dense foods.  Make your diet pretty with lots of color; color signifies a certain vitamin or mineral.  More colors = more vitamins and minerals.

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