Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Crunches the Right Way!

Spring is here which means many of us are prepping for that beach body! When it comes to crunches its important to remember quality over quantity…quality being proper form. If you experience any neck or back pain during your core workouts you are most likely doing them incorrectly.

Proper crunch form (for standard crunches, reverse crunches, twisting crunches, rotational crunches, half Vs or V-ups):
  1. Chin off the chest: visualize holding a tennis ball under your chin, focus should be directed at the ceiling
  2. Chest open: if hands are behind the head be sure to keep elbows directly out, don’t let them cave in
  3. Spine neutral: pull belly button in to spine, spine should be straight and neutral, not arched or rounded
  4. Stay flexed: don’t let the shoulders rest on the ground in between reps or on the back round over the ball

If you are looking for that flat tummy or 6 pack abs remember they start in the kitchen! Eating an unhealthy diet or too heavy cannot be corrected by doing extra crunches. Keep your diet low in salt, fat, refined carbs and preservatives!

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