Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!!

Thanksgiving aka "National Eating Olympics" aka "National Diet Destruction"

Don't worry I am not going to advise you to have celery for dinner!  It is National Eating Day and of course you want to somewhat participate; and realistically you will be ingesting more calories than your normal days.  So I'm here to give you a few pointers to use and still enjoy your day!

  1. Start the day off with some sort of cardio at least 30 minutes, preferably an hour!  Now this can be a brisk walk with the family, jumping jacks and crunches inside, elyptical, bicycle, treadmill, or even a jog....just get up and get that metabolism ready!!!
  2. Eat a healthy satisfying breakfast.  Something that will stick with you so you are not starving when you arrive at the Diet Graveyard, but also something low in fat and high in fiber.  Try a homemade fresh fruit protein smoothie or my fav steal cut oats with some berries.
  3. Once you arrive, you probably will be faced with a variety of snacks....yes I could advise you to have a healthy nutritional bar in your bag ready when snack time strikes...but of course you want to dig in.  So when you feel that hunger strike, decide what you would like to try place them on a small plate and enjoy slowly.  Now before getting any more sit and let you food digest....if you are not hungry DO NOT GO BACK and one of my pitfalls DO NOT STAND NEXT TO THE FOOD TABLE!!!....horrid mistake by many!
  4. So if you are the chef for this belly enlarging feast make sure to keep your hands OFF THE FOOD!! Yes if a taste test is required for proper seasoning okay...but no more!!!  You can double your calorie intake just by snacking while you cook.  If you get hungry ask one of your lovely guests to take over for 5 minutes and grab a healthy snack...sit down enjoy and get back to work people are hungry! :)
  5. Okay feasting time!!! Now be are in the danger zone!!!  Try to fill your plate with as much fresh veggies that are on the table.  Stay away from salting your food (there is probably enough already in it from the chef, try pepper if needed), buttering the food (unless its something healthy like Smart Balance...I'm sure the chef cooked enough butter into it), and away from that gravy....ain't nothing healthy about that stuff...and if the food is dry then don't eat it...sign you need a new chef for next year!  Once you are done with plate 1 wait at least 15 minutes before grabbing seconds...if you are satisfied put that fork down!
  6. And as far as drinks...yes it is celebration time and yes you should enjoy...but watch those calories!  Grab a light beer, a glass of red wine or something hard with a bit of seltzer.  Keep it to two drinks...I know I know...but there are kids around!!
  7. Oh jeez now dessert arrives.  And I am sure there will be tons of choices.  Again grab that small plate....and yes tons of choices....if you must try a few be sure to get a few slivers of pie, small scoop of ice cream, small amount of ice cream....key word here SMALL....keeps your waistline SMALL!!
  8. Now conclude your feast with some more cardio!!! I recommend a nice family walk!!! Everyone can use it!  After your walk be done! No more food!
Hope these tips help.

I want to wish everyone a happy, safe, and HEALTHY holiday!

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