Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Snackie snacks...

We all love to do it...whether we are watching TV, browsing the net, gossiping with friends...there is something so fun about munching away.  Yet that consistent snacking can quickly pack on the pounds.  The goal is to snack smart...check these guidelines out...

Purchasing Snacks:
  • Low sodium (less than 200mg)
  • No added/refined sugars
  • Low in fat; steer clear the trans fats, lean more towards unsaturated fats (still containing some fat- this will help your mind know you are full)
  • Contains protein (3 or more grams of protein- another way to get full and fuel the body)
  • Fiber is a plus- why? good for the intestinal health and the bulking will also fill you up
  • Around 200 calories for a serving
  • Skip the preservatives if you can; shoot for whole foods: fruits, veggies, nuts, non fat yogurt, fresh air popped corn

Snacking Art:
  • Snack slow, paying attention to that full signal
  • Avoiding snacking as a multi-tasking activity
  • Portion out your snacks.  Try to find small dishes so that it doesn't seem like the bowl isn't full :)
  • Before going back to a second serving really make sure it's your tummy hungry and not the mind taking over.
  • Make sure to get a balance between carbs, protein, and fats to fill up....carbs only will leaving you feeling unsatisfied.
Now go ahead and snack.  Snacks keep the metabolism running and are a great addition to the day. 

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